3,700 Rape Kits Were Still UnteIn 2014, a non-profit group challenged Baltimore with an open records request to find out how many rape kits were still waiting to be tested. The state conducted an audit in January of last year, with the results of the audit owed to the General Assembly by December. Only know are we beginning to learn the extent of the backlog; some 3,700 rape kits from around the state have not been tested.

From WTOP:

“Of 135 agencies, 102 responded to show there were about 3,700 untested kits statewide, the report said. More than 90 percent of the untested kits were in the custody of 13 of the 102 responding agencies, the report found. Many of them serve the most populated counties or cities in Maryland, including the Montgomery County Police Department, the Baltimore City Police Department and the Howard County Police Department. But the report found the survey results don’t show much about the effectiveness of the testing protocols, because each jurisdiction sets its own policy for retaining untested kits.”

If you are facing serious sexual assault allegations

The investigation discovered that the Baltimore Police Department tested rape kits in just 15% of sexual assault cases. For many, this indicates that the policies have systematically failed sexual assault survivors; what’s often overlooked is how it has also failed those charged with the crime. Even if you committed the crimes you were accused of, there are facts that need to be set straight for the record that could change your sentence ­– or your life.

Evidence is extremely important in serious sexual assault cases, but so is getting the story straight. Everyone has a different version of the facts, and the most important thing to do in every case is to use arguments from both sides to establish a version of events that everyone agrees to. Sometimes, new information comes to light during that process that can turn even the most damning evidence around.

Serious sexual assault allegations alter your life regardless of the facts. Even being charged with serious sexual assault in Maryland can create problems for you at work and at home. I can help. Contact my law firm, Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, through this contact form or by calling 410.777.8103.

When you are facing serious sexual assault charges, just remember: Keep Calm – and Call Drew.