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Fighting for the accused in Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and beyond

If you are facing criminal charges, it is probably one of the most stressful times of your life. Uncertainty about the outcome of the case, in addition to the possible effect on your personal life, are enough to shake the most confident person. The prosecution has the power to file charges and to conduct powerful investigations. A conviction means the strong possibility of time in prison, substantial fines, damage to your reputation, and the inability to find work on your release.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this situation alone. My name is Gill Andrew Cochran, and I provide the residents of Annapolis and the surrounding areas with aggressive representation against a variety of criminal charges. I’ve been helping defendants fight criminal charges for nearly two decades. My office works to assert your rights, to suppress evidence illegally obtained, and to challenge each part of the government’s case. At Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, my clients receive an aggressive defense from an experienced Annapolis criminal defense attorney.


Types of criminal charges our office handles

I handle all types of criminal charges, from the most serious felonies to minor misdemeanors and traffic violations. I represent clients at all phases of the criminal case, from the arrest and bail hearing to the preliminary hearings, trials, and appeals. My office has a strong track record of success in having charges dismissed, obtaining acquittals, and negotiating just plea bargains. In some case, the charges can be deferred. My office handles case in both Maryland state courts and in federal courts. I represent clients in military courts, juvenile courts, and when college students are charged with on-campus crimes.

Our skilled Annapolis and Ellicott City offices assert common defenses, like holding the government to its responsibility to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. I also tailor defenses to your individual case, such as working to show there is evidence that should result in having the charges dropped.

I defend clients accused of the following crimes, among others:

Every criminal charge should be taken seriously, no matter how minor or serious you think it is. Always consult with an experienced attorney before making any decisions or taking any deal.

How does a skilled Annapolis defense lawyer make a difference?

Not every defense lawyer is the same. There are differences between average defense lawyers and attorneys who are respected by prosecutors and defense lawyers.

  • Every criminal charge requires a balance between cross-examining witness and contesting legal arguments by the district attorneys – while working to resolve and negotiate plea agreements or dismissals.
  • Every criminal charge requires a unique understanding of criminal statutes, relevant case law, and the personal preferences of the government lawyers and the judges.
  • Every criminal case requires the experience and skill necessary to prepare and argue a case before a jury.

At Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, I have the skills and the respect for understanding these balances, these understandings, and these litigation necessities.

A felony conviction can keep you from getting a job, owning firearms, and voting. A misdemeanor may mean jail time, and financial penalties. Your freedom and rights are at stake, so it’s important to speak with a seasoned Annapolis criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

What are my rights after I’m charged with a crime in Annapolis?

Every defendant has legal rights under the Constitution of the United States. As an attorney, it’s my job to defend those rights from the moment you’re arrested. These rights include:

  • Your rights if you are arrested. We generally advise clients to stay silent. Once you hire a lawyer, the lawyer speaks for you.
  • Your right to a bail hearing. Defendants who are not in jail/prison have a much better chance to provide a defense than when they are in lockup. I work to get you released from jail while your trial is pending.
  • Your rights at the preliminary hearing. We question all relevant witnesses to create a record of their testimony. In weak cases, we seek to have the charges dismissed at the preliminary hearing stage.
  • Your Constitutional rights. Defendants have rights under the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. We work to ensure these rights to legal searches, not to incriminate yourself, and to confront the witnesses against you.
  • Your right to challenge evidence. If evidence such as breath tests or drug seizures are illegally obtained or are invalid for other reasons, we seek to have the evidence suppressed. We also work to show evidence against you is not reliable or credible.
  • Your right to a fair trial. We work to negotiate plea bargains when the government’s case has flaws. When the government insists on a trial, we work to ensure jury members are properly chosen, that nonrelevant legal arguments aren’t allowed, and that judge’s rulings and instructions are in accord with the current law.

The assertion of all these rights is just one part of our defense. We also work to show witnesses aren’t credible, that there are valid explanations, that the government hasn’t proved its case, and many other defenses specific to your situation.

Contact a dependable criminal defense attorney in Annapolis and Ellicott City

Don’t worry – I don’t leave you in the dark. I explain the details of the case and ask for your input in developing the strategy. Once we determine the best direction for your case, I aggressively pursue it through all stages of case preparation, negotiation, hearings, and arraignments. Whether your best outcome involves negotiating a plea bargain or going to trial, you can rest assured that you are getting my full commitment in pursuing your best interests.

At Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, I strive to make my services accessible for all. If you are facing criminal charges, call my office today at 410.777.8103 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation today. I’m proud to represent clients in Howard, Anne Arundel, and the surrounding counties.

And remember: Keep Calm – and Call Drew.