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Few things are worse than seeing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. After the initial queasiness subsides, you might start adding up the cost of the citation you will likely receive – or figuring out what excuse to give to the cop. Even if you are confident you didn’t do anything wrong, a traffic stop is stressful. In Maryland, a traffic violation can result in extensive fines, costly increases in insurance rates, and even the loss of your driver’s license. If you are a commercially licensed driver, you may also be in danger of losing your job. My name is Gill Andrew Cochran, and I vigorously defend my clients against traffic citations. When you turn to Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, you can trust that you will be represented by an experienced Annapolis criminal defense attorney with the skill to fight for your rights.


Consequences of Maryland traffic violations

The loss of your license can negatively affect your livelihood and place you in an extremely inconvenient situation. The fines associated with traffic violations can quickly add up to unaffordable amounts, especially if you are facing multiple tickets.

If you receive a citation for driving without insurance or driving on a suspended license, the fines are even higher and you may face jail time. I understand the hardship that a traffic ticket can cause. I help clients get their cases dismissed or keep the citation off their record to avoid costly consequences, and I’ve been successful in doing this throughout my 18-year career. I will fight to ensure that your traffic offense doesn’t cause you or your loved ones any undue or unexpected financial burden in the future.

Types of traffic violations

As a knowledgeable Annapolis traffic violations attorney, I defend clients in cases involving:

  • Driving without insurance
  • Speeding tickets
  • Running a red light
  • Failure to yield
  • Stop sign violations
  • Reckless driving
  • Racing
  • Eluding
  • Driving without a driver’s license
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Driving on a revoked license
  • Hit-and-run

Protecting your rights in Maryland courts

If you start accumulating points on your license because of traffic violations, you could find yourself without a license altogether. Your license will be suspended if you hit between 8 and 11 points; it will be revoked if you accumulate 12 or more points. However, you can have a hearing at the MVA with an attorney represent to represent you.

To ensure the protection of your rights, it is important to speak with a seasoned lawyer before making any statements to law enforcement. Failure to bring your traffic violation to the attention of an attorney in a timely fashion can result in serious damage to the potential success of your case. An experienced Annapolis criminal defense attorney will speak with law enforcement on your behalf to gather information and determine the potential consequences you are facing.

Put an approachable Annapolis defense lawyer to work on your traffic citation case

As an experienced Annapolis criminal defense lawyer, I have a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes in traffic ticket cases. This includes getting cases dismissed from my clients’ records. My fees are affordable, and I pick up the phone when you call, because you deserve a quality legal defense. If you received a traffic citation, call Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law today at 410-777-8103 or fill out my contact form to schedule a free consultation at one of my offices in Annapolis or Ellicott City.

And remember: Keep Calm – and Call Drew.

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