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Juvenile crimes are treated differently from adult crimes in Maryland. That is the first assurance that I give the parents of any child who has been arrested for a crime in Maryland. The aim of the juvenile justice system is not to punish the wrongdoer. In Maryland, the aim is to rehabilitate the child so that he/she can go on to lead a productive adult life.

My name is Gill Andrew Cochran, and I have been helping juveniles navigate the criminal justice system for nearly 20 years. My aim in every juvenile case is to work to keep the child in school and home at the same — unless a foster home or care center is part of the problem. I also work to defeat or reduce the criminal charges so the juvenile does not have a finding of juvenile delinquency on his/her record. Trust an experienced Annapolis juvenile defense lawyer at Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law with your child’s case.

Why juvenile cases are different

In Maryland, juveniles are anyone under 18 years of age. Most crimes committed by someone under 18 are tried in the juvenile courts instead of the adult systems, with some exceptions. Once I receive a call that a child is in need, I work to get the juvenile released from custody as soon as possible. The next aim of any case is to get my client’s case transferred from adult court to juvenile court. The transfer determination is made at a formal transfer hearing. The key factors the court considers in deciding whether to allow the transfer are public safety, the age of the child, and the details of the alleged offense.

Juvenile cases are handled differently than adult cases in the following respects:

  • The proceedings are closed to the public
  • The rules of evidence are less formal
  • The court seeks to address any issues of parental or foster neglect or abuse

The juvenile court also works to address any medical problems or special needs of the child.

Types of juvenile crimes

Juveniles are apt to commit some crimes more than others because of their desire to fit in with their peers, their uncertainty about their future, and their lack of maturity. Some of the crimes I handle for juveniles are:

Crimes with vehicles, such as DUI, also occur but are usually committed by older teenagers because younger teens don’t have a license to drive.

The juvenile court ultimately makes a finding that the child is delinquent or not delinquent. As a dedicated Annapolis juvenile crimes lawyer, I make every effort to persuade the court that a non-delinquency finding is the proper one.

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I work with the child’s school and professional counselors to fully understand the child’s difficulties and what may have been the underlying cause of the arrest. I use my skills as a criminal defense attorney to challenge the evidence and force the state to prove each element of its case. If you or your child has been charged with a crime, Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law can help. Please call my office at 410-271-1892 or complete my contact form to schedule a consultation.

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