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Most people are familiar with laws against drug dealing, but drug trafficking charges tend to leave many defendants confused. Contrary to popular belief, trafficking cases rarely involve huge inventories of drugs. The laws pertaining to drug trafficking are broad and encompass a variety of activities, so even smaller possession amounts can trigger the charge.

My name is Gill Andrew Cochran, and I take the time to ensure that each of my clients fully understand the state’s allegations and the potential penalties of a conviction. If you were charged with drug trafficking in state or federal court, turn to an experienced Annapolis drug trafficking defense attorney at Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law for skilled and effective representation.

Tough representation in the Maryland courts

Unlike simple distribution, which generally relates to the possession and sale of controlled substances, drug trafficking extends to sales, intent to sell, transporting, and importing. These charges are classified as felonies under Maryland law, and they apply to illegal substances, as well as prescription drugs. The potential penalties for a conviction vary, depending on the type and quantity of drug involved. For example, trafficking up to 45 kg of marijuana carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.

It’s important to note that the state may also accuse you of conspiracy in relation to the drug trafficking charges. This can result in a drug kingpin charge, which is particularly troublesome because the minimum possible penalty for a conviction is 20 years in prison. With the possibility of such severe punishments, it is essential that you secure the services of an aggressive Annapolis drug trafficking defense attorney.

Experienced defense against federal drug trafficking charges

Federal drug trafficking charges generally apply to the transport of drugs across state line or importing drugs into the country. The consequences of federal conviction depend on a few factors, including the type of drug involved, the circumstances surrounding the incident, and your criminal history. Possible federal penalties include:

  • More than a year in prison, even for a first-time offender
  • A life sentence in prison for repeat offenders with large amounts of drugs
  • Extremely large fines, sometimes in the millions of dollars

A knowledgeable Annapolis drug trafficking defense lawyer knows that mandatory minimums are also an issue in federal court. These regulations require that you serve a minimum amount of time on your sentence, regardless of good behavior or early probation options. The stakes are high with a federal drug trafficking charge.

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