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The courts are filled with criminal defendants who struggle with addiction and/or mental illness. Many of these cases are more appropriately handled with comprehensive treatment, rather than incarceration. By law, Maryland courts can order a defendant evaluation to determine if treatment is an appropriate response in the case at hand. This is generally done by filing a motion for reconsideration.

I’m Gill Andrew Cochran, and I am an experienced Annapolis criminal defense attorney who can assist you through this process. You are probably feeling overwhelmed and scared by the prospect of a criminal conviction, but Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law can help you get the help that you need.

Understanding 8505 and 8507 reconsiderations in the Maryland courts

A motion for reconsideration is a request for the court to go back and consider an issue that has already been decided. The 8505 and 8507 motions ask the judge to reconsider the conviction or sentence handed down in a case. Under Maryland law, courts may order the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services to evaluate defendants for placement in an appropriate treatment program. If the department determines that treatment is appropriate for the defendant, the treatment may occur in place of custody in a jail or along with a mandatory probation period.

  • The 8505 Motion for Reconsideration requests that the Court order a treatment evaluation for alcohol or drug addiction.
  • The 8507 Motion for Reconsideration requests that the Court order a treatment evaluation for co-occurring conditions. This means that the defendant struggles with an addiction, along with a mental illness.

If you or a family member have been sentenced in a case, and you feel that treatment is an appropriate option, talk to a knowledgeable Maryland criminal defense lawyer about the requirements and processes of an 8505 or 8507 Motion for Reconsideration.

Explaining the 8505 and 8507 reconsideration process

Once an 8505 or 8507 Motion for Reconsideration is filed, the judge reviews the motion and decides whether to order an evaluation for treatment. If the evaluation is ordered, the judge may do the following to facilitate it:

  • Release the defendant on his personal recognizance for an outpatient evaluation.
  • Set a bond amount to accommodate an outpatient evaluation.
  • Confine the defendant to a detention center until the evaluation is complete.
  • If there is risk of immediate danger, confine the defendant to a secured medical facility until the evaluation is complete.

As a skilled Annapolis criminal defense attorney, I have handled numerous cases where addiction and/or mental health treatment was the most appropriate form of rehabilitation. The motion for reconsideration process is not new to me, and I confidently advocate for my clients when making this request to the court.

Reliable representation for your reconsideration request in Maryland

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