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Aggressive representation for Maryland clients accused of stalking

Stalking is a serious crime and a conviction can negatively affect you in a variety of ways. It is also a highly disputable crime. What one person considers affectionate attention, another can easily consider stalking. That is why Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, aggressively defends against stalking accusations.

My name is Gill Andrew Cochran, and I understand how to protect my clients against these serious accusations. If you were charged with stalking, trust an experienced Annapolis stalking defense attorney to provide the diligent representation your case requires.

Understanding Maryland’s stalking laws

Under Maryland law, stalking is defined as a “malicious course of conduct of approaching or pursuing with intent to place in reasonable fear of bodily injury or death one individual giving unwanted attention and contact to another.” Some common examples of stalking accusations include repetitive phone calls, written messages, and physical presence at a person’s home or place of employment.

There are several elements involved in the crime of stalking. First, the statute requires malicious intent. The state must prove that your actions were done for the purpose of putting the alleged victim in fear of harm. Therefore, if you are unknowingly at an event where the victim is located, this element is not met. Another element of the crime is course of contact. This state must prove a pattern of multiple behaviors. One unwanted call or appearance is not sufficient to prove stalking. For a comprehensive defense against stalking allegations, trust a capable Annapolis stalking defense lawyer with your case.

Experienced representation for stalking defendants

Stalking is classified as a misdemeanor under Maryland law. A conviction can result in up to five years in jail time, along with a fine up to $5000. While dropped charges or an acquittal is the most desirable outcome in a case, there are also situations where a lesser charge is the best possible conclusion. A stalking accusation often includes numerous, less severe accusations. Some examples include:

  • Harassment. Harassment is a lesser charge than stalking because the intention is simply to annoy, not place another individual in fear. The penalty is less harsh with the potential for a 90-day sentence and $500 fine.
  • Telephone misuse. Telephone misuse is using the telephone to annoy an individual. A conviction of this misdemeanor may result in up to three years in jail and a $500 fine.
  • Misuse of electronic mail. This stature applies when email is used to harass or annoy. This is also a misdemeanor with a potential jail sentence of one year and a $500 fine.

At Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, you get a skilled Annapolis stalking charge attorney who reviews the specific details of your case to determine an effective strategy. I will skillfully negotiate with the state for a reduction of charges or aggressively defend your innocence in a court of law.

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