Annapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Explains What to Do If You Are Arrested in Maryland

Knowledgeable advice from an experienced Annapolis criminal defense lawyer

There’s nothing “pleasant” about being arrested. Chances are pretty good you feel disrespected, afraid, angry and maybe hopeless. You may also feel like you’ve been pronounced guilty without the opportunity to defend yourself or tell your side of the story. But when you’re arrested by the cops, you have legal rights that cannot be violated. My name is Gill Andrew Cochran, and I want you to make wise choices when facing arrest. At Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, I provide the residents of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County with an aggressive criminal defense from a knowledgeable Annapolis criminal defense attorney you can trust.


Providing trustworthy advice for your criminal case

Making the wrong choices can compromise the success of your case without you even knowing it. Here are some important things to remember in case you get arrested:

  • Stay quiet. When arrested or approached by a law enforcement officer for questioning, you have an absolute constitutional “right to remain silent.” Citizens often feel the need to explain themselves when confronted by police, but this can backfire in many situations. Police officers are experienced interrogators, and they can legally use tactics that mislead you or cause you to make statements against your interest. Keep your mouth shut, unless it’s to ask for a lawyer.
  • Get a lawyer. By law, you have the right to consult an attorney before answering any questions about the allegations against you. Asking for an attorney doesn’t mean that you’re guilty, or that you did something wrong: it helps protect you.
  • Seek bail. When arrested, you have the right to a reasonable bail (money paid for your release from custody) in most cases. If the bail amount is very high or the judiciary denies bail entirely, you attorney may be able to help change the bail arrangements. There’s no harm in seeking it, and it might keep you from waiting in a call until your case comes up.

If you are arrested in Maryland, it is important to know your rights. With the help of an Annapolis criminal defense lawyer, the legal process will be less stressful and you will have the security of knowing you have a strong advocate on your side.

Protecting your rights in Maryland courts

Simply put, wrong choices during your arrest can negatively affect the outcome of your case. I work hard on your behalf, but I may not be able to undo the damage caused from the statements you make to law enforcement. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep quiet until you have consulted with your criminal defense lawyer.

At my firm, you always get an attorney who knows the law and how to operate within the Maryland courts. I have helped hundreds of people deal with very difficult situations. I know how law enforcement works. I use this knowledge to fight for justice in your case. I aggressively pursue your interests through all stages of case preparation, negotiation, hearings, and arraignments. Whatever the situation, you always get my full commitment.

If you have been arrested in Maryland, get the legal help you need

At Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, I work hard to protect the rights of my clients, but you must also assert you own rights during the arrest process. I have 18 years of experience and knowledge, and I strive to make my services accessible for all. If you are facing any level of criminal charge, call my office today at 410-777-8103 or fill out my contact form to schedule an initial consultation to learn more.

And remember: Keep Calm – and Call Drew.

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