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Let me take a wild guess. Something in your life has gone terribly wrong. Maybe you’ve been charged with a criminal offense or you’re dealing with the consequences of someone else’s negligence. Whatever the circumstance, my name is Gill Andrew Cochran and I help people through their biggest legal challenges. I get it. There’s a lot on the line, from the loss of necessary driving privileges to the loss of freedom. When faced with these harsh possibilities, people need a criminal defense attorney who will guide them through the process, while fighting for the best possible outcome. The practice of criminal law is not for the faint of heart. At Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, my clients receive tough and aggressive representation from a knowledgeable Annapolis criminal defense lawyer.

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From misdemeanors to severe felonies,
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I’ve spent years defending individuals under the Maryland and federal criminal codes. Armed with that legal knowledge — and the experience of handling hundreds of criminal cases — I assertively defend the rights of my clients, fighting against the pending charges and working to minimize the potential consequences of conviction. Some of the criminal law cases I routinely handle include:

Being charged with a crime is extremely stressful. For many defendants, their family, livelihood, and freedom are at stake. From record expungement to criminal forfeiture, I personally handle every part of your case, so you don’t have to worry about being shuffled from defense lawyer to defense lawyer.

Annapolis Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys

Juvenile crimes and criminal charges against college students

Look – every kid makes mistakes. The problem is that some types of mistakes come back to haunt you for your entire life. It’s one of the reasons I choose to work with juvenile defendants: doing one stupid thing shouldn’t affect your entire adult life. Whether you’re a high school kid who got caught with a small amount of marijuana, or a college student who got a little loud at a party – or you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, I know that you shouldn’t have to suffer for a lifetime because of one bad decision. I work with Annapolis naval academy midshipmen too, to help them protect their futures in or out of the service.

And I also know that feeling of dread that comes from a phone call in the middle of the night. If you’re the parent of a child or young adult who has been arrested, it can get a little overwhelming. It’s okay: we’ll all sit down together and talk about what happened, and look at the best options for your kids moving forward. You won’t get any pressure from me – just honest, down-to-earth advice about which way to proceed. And if you need to scream or “freak out” or cry, well, that’s what I’m here for: to help you take a deep breath and face the world again.

Annapolis criminal defense attorney aggressively protecting your rights

While I pride myself on being aggressive and strong in defense of my clients, I’m equally committed to applying thoughtfulness and strategy to every case. That means that I’m not charging into the courtroom if that’s not the best course of action. Instead, I take the time to listen to the entire story, carefully analyze all the details, and develop a focused plan to fight for your best interests. Once I create a strategy, I use it in all stages of the case, including preparation, negotiation, hearings, and arraignments.

At the end of the day, if you get charged with a crime in Ellicott City or Annapolis, a criminal defense lawyer is just about the first person you should call. I have the record, the resources and the experience needed to help you. And if you need to call me because you have a question, or because you’re scared, or because you’re just having a hard time, know this – I answer my phone when my clients call. You can send me a text or email me a list of questions, or call me when you need me. I’m going to be there for you.

Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law


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With more than 20 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney in Annapolis, I provide my clients with representation they can rely on. I strive to make my services accessible by offering initial consultations for potential clients to decide if I’m the right fit for their case. When you need an experienced Annapolis criminal defense lawyer, contact my firm– Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law – or call me at 410-271-1892, and schedule a consultation at the Annapolis or Ellicott City office.

Just remember these simple words: Keep Calm – and Call Drew.