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Comprehensive defense against felony murder charges in Maryland

Felony murder charges cast a wide net: more often than not, people are completely caught off guard when charged with it. Under this statute, even the smallest participation in a felony can lead to a first-degree murder conviction. That is why Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law aggressively defends against felony murder charges.

My name is Gill Andrew Cochran, and I have the skills and persistence you need to represent you in this serious charge. If you are facing a felony murder charge, rely on an experienced Annapolis felony murder attorney to provide you with a serious defense.

Understanding felony murder under Maryland law

Felony murder charges arise when a death occurs during the commission of a felony. Under Maryland law, the following felonies can initiate a felony murder charge:

Felony murder is a particular harsh crime because it applies to all participants in the underlying felony. Even if you had nothing to do with the death that occurred, you can be held responsible and convicted for felony murder. For example, if you drove the getaway car for a bank robbery and a teller was killed without your knowledge, you may be charged with felony murder, even though you never physically entered the bank. It is also important to note that felony murder may apply even if the death occurred accidentally, such as a gun accidently firing during the robbery. The far-reaching nature of this charge requires aggressive representation from a skillful Maryland felony murder lawyer.

How the charges work

Under Maryland law, the charge is treated as first-degree murder, with a potential penalty of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Federal law also recognizes felony murder and prosecutes it as a first-degree murder. The federal statute includes most of the felonies included in the state definition, in addition to espionage, treason, and sabotage.

A felony murder conviction carries harsh consequences. A comprehensive defense challenges your alleged participation in the underlying felony. If the state cannot prove you actively took part in the felony, you cannot be held criminally responsible for any resulting deaths. A knowledgeable Annapolis felony murder defense attorney understands the elements of these charges and provides you with the serious representation required.

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