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Maryland military students who attend the US Naval Academy, Forestville Military Academy, and Leonard Hall Junior Academy face two types of risks when they are accused of a crime. The first risks are incarceration, fines, and penalties that flow from a conviction. The second danger is that convictions can result is suspension or dismissal from the academy. Students who are convicted can also be sanctioned according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The UCMJ makes rules that govern naval and land forces. This means a convicted student personnel can be discharged from the U.S. military.

My name is Gill Andrew Cochran, and as an experienced Annapolis military criminal defense attorney, I understand how imperative it is to defeat criminal charges for military academy students. At Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, I use every strategy available to contest criminal charges so that they are dismissed, there is a not guilty verdict, or there is some resolution of the case short of a conviction.

How military crimes are treated

In cases involving Naval Academy cadets and midshipmen, a key factor is where the crime is alleged to have occurred. A U.S. federal magistrate hears crimes that occur on the grounds of the Naval Academy. Crimes that happen on roads where the Naval Academy has partial control are also heard by the Academy. If the crime occurred off-site, then the case is heard in state or federal court, depending on where the crime supposedly happened and the nature of the criminal offense.

All Maryland military academies have similar rules for trying criminal cases against students. Whether the case is heard at the Academy, in state court, federal court, or just a local traffic court, an Annapolis military defense lawyer can help.

Types of criminal cases we commonly handle for military students

Military students, faculty, and personnel can be charged with any Maryland or federal crime that adults can, including:

  • Drunk driving. Anyone who drives with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or more is presumed to have driven while intoxicated. Drunk driving is a serious offense because of the danger of killing or severely injuring the driver, passengers, bystanders, and the occupants of any other vehicles on the road. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I work to show the test was inaccurate, that there were not proper grounds for taking the test, that the accused was not actually the driver, or other factual and legal defenses.
  • Sexual assault. Sexual assault crimes at military academies often make it into the news. There is increasing demand by Congress and the public that instructors be vetted more thoroughly and that the cadets understand that sexual misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated — especially now that many women are enrolled. I have experience defending sexual assault charges.
  • Traffic violations. Off-campus cases are normally heard in state court or before the Motor Vehicle Administration, depending on whether there is a possibility of jail time for the offense. Minor offenses can be fines and points on a driver’s license. Major offenses can mean suspension or revocation of a license and jail time. On-campus cases are heard according to campus and/or state rules.

Some other common criminal offenses include drug possession, destruction of property, and theft.

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