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Murder is a defined as a willful and deliberate killing. A first-degree murder charge is the most serious accusation you can face under Maryland law. The potential punishment for a first-degree murder conviction is life in prison with or without the possibility of parole. This means barring an overturned conviction or a pardon, you could live out the rest of your days behind bars.

I’m Gill Andrew Cochran, and I promise you this: I will fight to keep that from happening to you.

I’m an aggressive, proactive Annapolis first-degree murder defense attorney, the lawyer you want on your side because I don’t give up. When your future is on the line, you want to work with my firm – Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law – from the beginning.

Explaining the seriousness of a first-degree murder charge

One of the essential elements of murder is premeditation. This means the defendant thought about the killing beforehand and planned out the act. Lying in wait, where the defendant waits for the victim in order to commit the killing, is often used as an indication of premeditation. For example, a wife learns of her husband’s affair and plans to kill his mistress. She goes to the woman’s house and waits for her arrival. She then follows the woman into the house and carries out her plan. This is a premeditated killing that may result in a first-degree murder charge.

But here’s the thing: the truth is usually a lot murkier than that. That’s where I come in. My job is to build a case that negates any evidence the prosecutor claims to have that shows the wife planned on killing that other woman. I have the skills, resources and experience to defend clients who are facing first-degree murder charges related to:

My experience as an Annapolis murder defense lawyer gives me the ability to defend you against any first-degree murder charges.

How an experienced attorney can help your case

If law enforcement is questioning you about a potential first-degree murder charge, don’t speak with them before contacting your attorney. Anything you say can be used against you in trial, so it is important not to speak with anyone concerning a potential case without legal representation.

When prosecuting a first-degree murder charge, the state typically assigns very experienced law enforcement officers and prosecutors to handle the case. The advanced technology, science, and methods they use require defense from an aggressive Annapolis homicide lawyer who understands these tactics and knows how to counter them in your defense. I defend clients at every stage of the trial process to ensure that every legal action I take is to towards the best possible outcome in your case.

Retain the assistance of a tenacious Annapolis first-degree murder defense attorney

At Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, I advocate for clients facing serious charges. I work to make my services available for everyone who needs them. If you are facing a first-degree murder charge, call my office today at 410-271-1892 or complete my contact form to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about how I can help you.

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