Annapolis Clients Facing Disorderly Conduct Charges

An Experienced Annapolis Criminal Defense Attorney Assists Clients Facing Disorderly Conduct Charges

Defending disturbing the peace charges in the Maryland courts

You’re at a concert and things get a little wild. Or maybe you’re at a rally, and everyone’s jostling to get near the front. Or maybe you’re at a party that’s gotten a little out of control. Most people don’t set out to make life difficult for other people; they just get a little caught up in the moment. But a disorderly conduct charge should not be taken lightly. A conviction can result in a jail sentence and fines.

I’m Gill Andrew Cochran, and I know that your life could be affected because of one mistake or misunderstanding. If you were charged with disturbing the peace, I’m the experienced Annapolis disorderly conduct attorney you can rely on to help. At Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, I fight for your interests and your future.

Knowledgeable representation for various types of disorderly conduct charges

Maryland’s disorderly conduct statute includes prohibitions against a variety of actions, including the following:

  • Willfully obstructing people from freely moving about in public places
  • Willfully disturbing the peace in public
  • Failing to abide by a law enforcement order given to prevent a disturbance of the peace
  • Making unreasonably loud noises to disturb another
  • Entering a person’s premise for the purpose of disturbing the peace
  • Public intoxication is also associated with disturbance of the peace

The point of disorderly conduct laws is to prohibit actions that disturb or annoy other individuals. To secure a disturbing the peace conviction, the state must prove that you were in a public place at the time of the action. Behavior within a private home or office does not amount to disturbing the peace. The state must also prove that there were individuals disturbed or annoyed by your behavior. For example, yelling on a public highway with no one in earshot does not amount to disturbing the peace.

Though many defendants fail to take disturbing the peace charges seriously, a knowledgeable Annapolis disorderly conduct lawyer understands that every criminal charge should be taken seriously. When facing the possibility of any criminal conviction, your reputation, record, and freedom are at risk. So, it is important to secure representation from a capable attorney.

What are the potential penalties of a disorderly conduct conviction?

Disorderly conduct is classified as a misdemeanor, with a conviction resulting in a potential penalty of 60 days in jail and a fine up to $500. These punishments may increase if the activity involves blocking the path to a medical facility or interfering with a sporting event. The potential punishment for a public intoxication conviction is up to 90 days in jail with a $100 fine. A skillful attorney helps you fight against a disorderly conduct conviction. 

Trust an experienced Annapolis disturbing the peace attorney with the details of your case

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