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Being charged with indecent exposure means someone thinks you intentionally exposed your genitals in public. A conviction may not only result in jail time and a fine, but it can also negatively affect your reputation and the wellbeing of your family. While many people view indecent exposure as a trivial offense, it is not a charge to take lightly.

My name is Gill Andrew Cochran, and I handle complex criminal defense cases in Maryland. If you are facing indecent exposure charges, turn to an experienced Annapolis criminal law attorney at Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law for an aggressive defense.

Understanding Maryland laws on indecent exposure

The Maryland statute does not include a specific indecent exposure law. However, state judges have determined what constitutes indecent exposure through years of trying these cases. The elements of the crime include:

  • Exposure of private parts. Under Maryland law, “private parts” include the genitals, buttocks, and female breasts.
  • Willful intent. The exposure must occur purposely, meaning you had the intention of exposing your private parts. The laws of Maryland do not require intent to shock others or to gain any sexual gratification from the act.
  • In a public place and in the presence of others. The exposure must occur in a place available to the public and at least one person must be present at the time. This does not mean that they must be physically nearby. An individual looking from the window of a building could potentially satisfy this element of the charge.

If these elements are present in your case, a skilled Maryland indecent exposure defense lawyer puts forth a comprehensive defense against the state’s allegations.

What are the penalties of an indecent exposure conviction?

Indecent exposure charges should be taken seriously. Unlike the elements of the crime, the penalty is defined by statute. As one of the more serious misdemeanors, a conviction can result in up to three years of jail time and a $1000 fine. Many states require individuals convicted of indecent exposure to register as sex offenders, but Maryland does not. However, it is important to note that specific details of the event can trigger this requirement. Therefore, it is extremely important to secure representation from an experienced Annapolis indecent exposure lawyer.

At Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, I take every case seriously, and indecent exposure is no exception. When you secure my services, I examine the details of your case and work with you to develop a strategy that is in your best interests. If a lesser charge or penalty is most appropriate, I aggressively negotiate with the state on your behalf. If trial is the best option, I employ my best skills to defend your innocence.

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