Musings of a Criminal Defense Lawyer Upon Watching APB on FoxI had no idea you could stop an oil fire with dynamite.

He probably should have given those buyers some warning before detonating that drone.

Seriously – how good is this guy’s eyesight that he knew he could buy smokes at a shop about 5 blocks away from where he was?

Or maybe he’s bought smokes there before?

I heard cigarettes are almost 8 bucks a pack in Maryland.

Still using ski masks, hm?

Being shot at that close range should have done considerably more damage.

I have never seen a smaller group of people together in a meeting with the mayor.

Who is that guy playing the mayor? I know him.

You can’t just buy off a debt like that. There are rules regarding giving money to cities.

10 minutes in and he’s already committed an act of bribery – in front of the public, no less – and then told the press about it. Who even does that?

Why is every show set in Chicago now?

I’m glad it’s not in Baltimore.

The Wire was an amazing show.

I think I know every actor in this show, and I can’t name one of them except Ernie Hudson.

Oz was a cool show.

Tasers are so much more dangerous than people think. He probably should’ve warned those people before he shot the second guy.

Can those vests stop hollow points?

His chest is STILL sparking blue.

Caddies? Nice.

I’m not sure an app that forces the cops to take their eyes off the road to tap the screen while they’re driving is really safe.

That’s false reporting of a crime, kiddo – 6 months in jail and a $500 fine, if you lived here in Maryland and also weren’t, like, 9 years old.

I bet people think that cops can’t punch suspects, but they kinda can, as long as they’re justified in using that force.

Can he use that drone like that, even if he’s not a cop?

Then again, he IS in charge of the department.

Then again, he’s still a civilian. That’s up to a year in jail, ya peeping Tom.

Baltimore uses drones.

Wish I had a drone.

Not sure they can slam your leg in the door of a Cadillac, though.

Using a Taser on a hostage = basically guaranteed civil lawsuit by said hostage.

I wish Ernie Hudson was in more things.

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