May 3, 2021

Boating Under the Influence in Maryland

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Ah, there’s nothing quite like open waters and the salty spray of sea air on your face. As the weather warms up again, you may be hankering for that very experience — especially if you own a boat. Or, perhaps you’re just looking to rent one for a nice day out with friends and family. [...]

Apr 19, 2021

Can Passengers Get DUI/DWIs?

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No one wants to be charged with a DUI/DWI. Shocking, I know. There’s an issue, though, with people still not entirely understanding how to avoid it. It’s very easy to just…not drive under the influence, and while that’s a major help (obviously) it doesn’t cover all your bases. Maryland has some pretty strict regulations and [...]

Mar 29, 2021

Let’s Not Make Drunk Driving Easier

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We all know drunk driving is as illegal as it is dangerous, and we also all know that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen anyways. While some laws may be stricter than others, the purpose of them is to keep the general public as safe as possible on the roads. Even though total prevention is not [...]

May 27, 2020

Getting a BWI Is a Big Oar-deal

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See what I did there? Get it? Whatever. Dad jokes are funny. Being charged with and arrested for BWI is not, though. Boating while under the influence is a serious offense. In fact, the laws got a little stricter on October 1, 2019, in Maryland for repeat offenders. Steeper penalties for repeat offenders It doesn’t [...]

Mar 16, 2020

How to Beat a DUI Charge

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A conviction for a DUI charge in Maryland carries serious consequences. You will likely be ordered to spend time in jail. There will be large fines and court costs. Your license will likely be suspended. Your insurance rates will go through the roof – if you’re lucky to get insurance. Even when you get your [...]