Aug 9, 2021

Vehicle Thieves Are Raising Their Game

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If you ever find yourself in or around New York, be aware of any cars with temporary license plates – you may be witnessing a crime in action. Recently, criminals have been using fake temporary license plates to make themselves undetectable to police while committing crimes. Drug traffickers, terrorists, gang members, and organized theft rings [...]

Jul 26, 2021

How Does Bail Work?

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Anyone who grew up suffering through marathon Monopoly games with their siblings (while one player invariably stole $20s from the bank) likely knows a thing or two about bail. But if you or someone you love find yourself in need of bail money – perhaps for stealing from an actual bank – you do not [...]

Jul 19, 2021

Grand Theft… Ambulance?

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Well folks, we have another one. A case where someone is accused of a crime that sounds so far-fetched that you have to wonder if it’s real or if it’s part of the plot of a TV sitcom. According to an article on, a woman in Upstate New York is accused of stealing an [...]