Nov 30, 2015

I Got Arrested for Shoplifting – What Do I Do?

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You saw it and you knew life was not worth living without it. So, you took it. Unfortunately, sticking a Millennium Falcon Quadcopter in your backpack did not make you a successful intergalactic smuggler. Now, you’ve been caught shoplifting and charged with theft. Welcome to the Dark Side. If you’ve been charged with helping yourself [...]

Nov 13, 2015

It’s a Thin Line Between Love and Stalking

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You’ve seen Hairspray 57 times. A theatrical release poster of Cecil B. Demented graces your living room wall.  Your autographed copy of Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America is your prized possession. But you are not, repeat, not invited to Mr. Waters’ Baltimore Christmas party, and when Ricky the doorman fails to convince you of [...]

Nov 6, 2015

My Dog Bit My Neighbor – Now What?

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Those huge, brown eyes; that cute, wagging tail; those... impressively sharp teeth. Your sweet pup, Cujo, is your best friend, but he also sports a mouthful of weapons that can get you both in trouble if you're not careful. Because what if your dog bites someone? You could find yourself the defendant in a big, [...]

Oct 22, 2015

How to Find a Good Real Estate Attorney

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There are all kinds of reasons why you might need a real estate attorney. From buying a home to evicting those party-all-night tenants from that rental house your brother-in-law, Melvin, talked you into buying, the situations where a lawyer would come in handy are numerous. But how do you choose the right real estate attorney? [...]

Sep 23, 2015

What Should I Look for in a Family Attorney?

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If real life looked more like The Brady Bunch and less like All My Children, family court attorneys would be out of a job. Fortunately for them, and perhaps unfortunately for the rest of us, modern life often requires the services of a legal professional who knows what to do when families fall apart. If [...]

Sep 16, 2015

When Do I Need to Stop for Pedestrians?

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When it comes to Cars versus Pedestrians, the odds are similar to Godzilla versus Tiny Human: Like Godzilla, the car’s going to eat the pedestrian’s lunch — and the pedestrian. But who has the right-of-way? Who must stop for whom, and who’s at fault if they don’t? Stop asking yourself, when do I need to [...]