Sep 10, 2019

Consent Standards in Rape and Sexual Assault Cases

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Most laws, and most criminal cases, revolve around the question – where do we draw the line between acceptable behavior and non-acceptable behavior? That question is rarely black and white. There are often gray areas in-between for different reasons: the law isn’t clear, so there are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes, the legislature changes the [...]

Apr 16, 2019

Why Date Rape Drug Testing Often Fails All of Us

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A recent investigation by Buzzfeed News found that date rape drug testing is extremely unreliable, with standards differing from hospital to hospital and facility to facility. Yet, the results of this testing continues to be presented by authorities and prosecutors as evidence. This lack of standards can negatively impact the way the justice system works [...]

Jan 30, 2018

#TIMESUP—Not Just a Fashion Statement

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At the 2018 Golden Globe awards, the most popular accessory on the podium wasn't the latest trendy heels or tux. This year on the red carpet, we saw a sea of actors dressed in black for solidarity, wearing pins bearing the phrase “TIME'S UP,” the slogan for an initiative designed to fight sexual misconduct within [...]