#TIMESUP—Not Just a Fashion StatementAt the 2018 Golden Globe awards, the most popular accessory on the podium wasn’t the latest trendy heels or tux. This year on the red carpet, we saw a sea of actors dressed in black for solidarity, wearing pins bearing the phrase “TIME’S UP,” the slogan for an initiative designed to fight sexual misconduct within and outside the entertainment industry.

Created as a response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the resulting ripple effect, TIME’S UP aims to address and erase the “systemic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have kept underrepresented groups from reaching their full potential,” according to the organization’s website. TIME’S UP may be led by famous and high-profile actors like Reese Witherspoon and Shonda Rhimes, but their goal is to represent and protect the underrepresented and the underprivileged—from assault, from victimization, and from retaliation.

So, as you may have already figured out, today’s blog is a bit more serious than the regular fare. But this is a serious subject and deserves some serious attention.

What does TIME’S UP do, exactly?

TIME’S UP is a worldwide call for the end of discrimination, harassment, and abuse in the workplace. The initiative will:

  • Establish and manage a legal defense fund to help underprivileged women fight against sexual harassment and assault
  • Support and advocate for women to speak out against sexual assault
  • Work toward gender equality across all industries
  • Create new and better legislation to penalize sexual misconduct

The initiative also helps women find resources on what to do if they are harassed or assaulted, find out their rights, and where to get help. They also provide resources for allies and strategies on how to intervene or assist a friend or co-worker.

This is a whole new world

The cultural environment is changing at a breakneck pace and new legislation is likely to follow. The TIME’S UP website makes an important point in its list of “What You Can Do”—the first item on the list is “Don’t harass anyone.” This may seem obvious, but sometimes you may find yourself in confusing or extenuating circumstances.

But remember, any type of non-consensual sexual contact can be a serious crime, with severe consequences if you’re convicted. As your criminal defense attorney, I will always listen to your side of the story and represent you with respect.

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