Have you been released on parole from a Maryland prison? If so, you are likely excited to get back to living your life, seeing your friends, spending time with family and maybe even committing more crimes.

What? Really?

Of course. It can be difficult for some people to get back on the straight and narrow, even if they are out on parole with the possibility of being sent back to prison. Do your best to keep your nose clean while out on parole, or else you could find yourself back behind bars in no time.

First, get some new friends

Was it your posse that got you in trouble in the first place? If so, stay away from them at all costs. They might want to throw you a party for getting released on parole, but the terms of your parole might prevent you from seeing them. Don’t do it. Not even for one minute. It can ruin your chances of remaining free.

Avoid possessing a weapon

Most parole terms include clauses about possessing a weapon, more importantly, possessing a firearm. Don’t come in contact with a gun while out on parole. Don’t even visit a shooting range. Just keep your hands off any type of weapon you come across and you should be safe from returning to prison.

Drugs? Seriously?

Even if drug possession, use, or intent to distribute weren’t the reasons why you wound up in jail in the first place, stay away from them at all costs. Does a family member or your roommate use regularly? Throw them out of the house or find a new place to live. Don’t risk your freedom by being around someone who can lead you down the wrong path.

Don’t run from police

It’s very likely that you will have interactions at one point or another with the police after being released on parole. Don’t run away if they show up, okay? Just… stay. If the cops make you feel like hitting the bricks, then don’t put yourself in any situation where an officer might show up. This includes house parties, going to the club, hanging on the corner with your crew or being in a stolen vehicle. If the police interact with you, speak to them respectfully and be honest about your situation.

Embrace the joy of being DD

There’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two at home or at a local restaurant. However, don’t even think about getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. This goes for anyone who is on parole and has even had just one drink. Just don’t it. Don’t put yourself in this situation. It’s not worth it. Call a taxi, Uber, Lyft, family member, friend, take public transportation or walk home.

Did you wind up violating your parole? It’s not the end of the world, but it could send you back to prison, which is the last thing you want. Instead, call Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law. We have close to 20 years of experience fighting for the rights of those charged with crimes in Annapolis, Ellicott City, Centreville, and throughout the state. Call us at 410-777-8103 or complete the contact form on our website to schedule an appointment.

And remember – Keep Calm, and Call Drew.