Fox 19 in Ohio, according to, reported that a man was extremely upset that the Ohio Sharonville Police Department stole his weed and refused to give it back. The man claimed the four grams of weed were “really good ****ing weed” and in in audio recorded by the police demanded his “prestige weed” back. The police department subsequently posted the man’s outburst on their Facebook site.

When the irate cannabis aficionado called the department, the dispatcher put the call through to the department supervisor. The caller complained the police came to his home the night before the call and stole his precious weed. The caller wasn’t at home the night before. Rather he was at a local hotel when the police were called due to complaints about noise. The two police officers seized marijuana they found in the wife’s purse.

The callers claimed he was asleep when the police seized his prized possession. The man then claimed that the police didn’t have proper legal authority to seize the evidence on the grounds that it was recreational marijuana and anything under 100 grams is legal to possess.

The department supervisor who took the call, ah, disagreed.

Possession of recreational marijuana

The police department says it posted the conversation in part for a few chuckles and good puns – and in part to clear the record on Ohio’s marijuana laws.

“We feel that some people may be a bit in the weeds so we would like to take this opportunity to clear the haze. To be blunt, recreational marijuana is still ILLEGAL… per our STATE law. We don’t make the rules; we just took an oath to uphold them.”

They end the announcement saying that possessing 100 grams of the substance is not “cool” anywhere in Sharonville, because of course they did.

(Photo of all Sharonville cops, I assume. Credit to

Currently, while some states like Colorado have legalized marijuana, Maryland has not legalized possession of recreational marijuana. Baltimore no longer prosecutes possession charges, and there IS a task force looking into legalizing marijuana for recreational use, but it is still illegal. So we’re begging you to be smart.

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