There have been so many wacky stories about people breaking weird laws or committing strange crimes; heck, we talk about them all the time on this blog. So it was only a matter of time before they got turned into a game, right?

You may not be able to choose between the Scottie dog and the racing car, like in Monopoly, but this game is not only fun to play – it’s actually educational. It’s educational because it can help people understand the fine lines between real life and fiction.

The board game is called “Dumb Criminals.” It was created by University Games. The game gives players stories about “blundering burglars, clumsy crooks, fumbling felons and ridiculous robbers.” The players get to decide if the stories or true are just fictional. If you answer correctly, you could end up with lots of cash. If you answer incorrectly, you may suffer more than just a loss of your turn in the game. You may be sent to jail. The first player to win $50,000 in cash wins the game.

The game includes:

  • 1 game board
  • 1 die
  • 4 playing pieces
  • Several hundred crime cards
  • $170,00 in play money
  • Other features

The game is primarily in orange to remind you that orange is the uniform color must prisoners wear.

What spaces are on the board

The roll of the die determines where the player lands. Players must comply with the following requirements depending on where they land.

  • A Heist space. Here, the player can make a wager. The player wins or loses the bet depending on whether he/she can tell if the crime that is on the appropriate game card is true or false.
  • A Court space. A player can post bail for his tokens. Bail is set at $2,000 per token. Tokens are, essentially, your team (your crew members).
  • A Bounty hunter space. If you land on this space, you must pay $3,000 to keep your token out of jail.
  • A Stabbed in the back space. Bad news. Land here and you lose a turn.
  • An It fell off the truck space. Every token collects $5000.
  • A Blackmail space. The player must pay $1,000 to another player of his/her choice.

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