Stop Trying to Be Creative to Cops While DrunkLook, everyone gets frazzled under pressure. Those who are reading this and say they don’t are lying — they just hide it better and like to brag. When you’re frazzled, you’re likelier to say stuff you shouldn’t say and do stuff you shouldn’t do, and a great way to get frazzled in the first place is to be suddenly pulled over or arrested by a cop. They are counting on that. They are not on your side once they suspect you of a crime, and they absolutely do not believe you are innocent until proven guilty (even though you are), and while you are frazzled and blabbing your mouth, they are taking those notes to throw your life off course to meet those quotas they totally don’t have.

In other words, it is impossible to stress just how much you need to not try to debate or excuse yourself if you’re pulled over and suspected of driving under the influence, especially if you are actually drunk. You are going to incriminate yourself in about two dozen different ways without even realizing it, no matter how clever you think you’re being or how solid your excuses are, and then you’ll have to go to court and hire jerks like me to get you out of it.

How people try to excuse being accused of driving drunk or high

Think about the last time you were drunk. If you don’t drink and prefer the devil’s lettuce (which is still not legal here!), think about the last time you were high. Now, think about how smart, creative, and smooth you felt. And now, reflect on how actually smart, creative, and smooth you were in reality during those times.

Yeah. Exactly.

When we are impaired, we are IMPAIRED, in pretty much every cognitive way. Our logic, our problem-solving skills, and our ability to speak all work on lower levels. So, when a cop pulls you over and scares the heck out of you in the process with all these serious questions and a bright flashlight, you might be tempted to babble off excuses and defenses of your actions. Whether you try to assure them that you are, in fact, sober or try to convince them your version of influenced driving doesn’t count, it will not end well — not only because they will probably see that you are lying and not be thrilled about it, but because if you say anything that confirms you were drinking behind the wheel, you have just confessed. Congratulations!

Trust me, people have tried. A lot. Last year in Ohio, a woman doused herself with perfume after getting pulled over to try and cover the scent of alcohol. However, because perfume is not an air freshener and cops are not babies born yesterday, this did not work. Not only was she visibly drunk and slurring her words, but a quick check showed her license was suspended from a prior DUI. So, now the cop knows she was driving on a suspended license, has a pattern of driving under the influence, was driving drunk AGAIN, and tried to lie about it. None of these things are considered “good things.”

Back in 2018, this time in Florida, a man tried to convince cops he wasn’t drinking and driving because he was only taking swigs at stop signs and red lights, and then he voluntarily told said cops that he had prior DUI charges from another state. I’m not even going to say anything more about that. Just read that a few times and really take it in. Absorb it.

Basically, there are a lot of excuses people have tried over the years. From claiming it should be allowed on St. Patrick’s Day for Irish drivers to trying to say you weren’t the one driving despite being the only one in the car, people both scared and drunk sure do say the darnedest things. None of them ever work, and they always, always, always make things worse. An excuse is not a defense, and can only be used against you in court. So, whether you’re sober or drunk or anywhere in between, err on the side of silence until you have an attorney with you.

Top legal defenses for Annapolis DUIs

Like I said, once you are suspected of a crime you can expect to be treated like you did it, even though you shouldn’t be. If the cops, judge, or jury think you’re a liar on top of that, it’ll only get harder for you. So, if you’re arrested and charged with a DUI, assume and understand that the law is no longer on your side.

An Annapolis criminal defense attorney, however, is. Law is tricky and annoying with how specific it is, and just how easy it can be to hurt your own case, and that’s why attorneys go through years and years of specialized education to learn how to navigate it. We know how to HELP your case and make it stronger, regardless of the situation. One of the ways we do this is by employing different defenses depending on what your case is, which aim to weaken the prosecution’s reliability and competence. At no point do we ever say, “Okay, Your Honor, my client may have been trashed, but he’s Irish and it’s St. Patrick’s Day!”

If your attorney says this, you may have hired a PLW — Parking Lot Weirdo.

Some actual defenses include:

  • The arresting officer didn’t have enough reasonable suspicion to pull you over in the first place
  • The breathalyzer was administered incorrectly
  • The sobriety field tests were administered incorrectly
  • The officer didn’t have the proper authority to conduct a blood test (if applicable)

We may mix and match these or use defenses that are entirely different, if needed. The sign of a good attorney is the ability to adapt to your specific needs, and you should ensure you hire a good attorney now more than ever if you’re facing DUI charges. A DUI conviction is nothing to scoff at here in Maryland. The consequences can follow you for years and they only get worse after the first offense, and at some point you won’t be able to legally drive at all.

Some cop charging you with a DUI does not have to automatically mean a conviction, and it doesn’t — as long as you play your cards right. Especially if you are inebriated when you are pulled over, never try to explain away or lie to the cops. Keep quiet, volunteer nothing, and contact a skilled Annapolis DUI defense attorney from Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law. We know what cards to play and how to play them, and we are proud to defend those others won’t. Listen, stuff happens. Sometimes people make mistakes, but those mistakes shouldn’t cost you your freedom, finances, and reputation. To learn more about how we can help you, call us today at 410-271-1892 or use our contact form.

And remember – Keep Calm, and Call Drew!