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Aggressively representing homicide defendants in the Maryland courts

Second-degree homicide is a serious charge requiring diligent legal representation: you need an attorney who knows his stuff, and who can stand up to the pressure in a courtroom or a please negotiation, or you could spend the better part of your life in a prison cell. I’m Gill Andrew Cochran, and I understand the fears and frustrations you feel when facing a second-degree homicide charge. Trust Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law to provide clients with experienced and assertive representation from an Annapolis homicide defense attorney.

What is considered second-degree homicide?

Second-degree homicide generally refers to any killing that does not meet the elements for first-degree homicide or manslaughter. These killings are generally committed intentionally, making them more serious than a manslaughter charge. However, they lack the planning and premeditation of a first-degree homicide charge.

For example, an individual is driving down the highway when a teenage driver cuts him off, almost causing him to run off the road. In a fit of anger, the first individual purposely gets beside the teenager and swerves in front of him. The teen’s car is pushed into the other lane, where he is struck and killed by an approaching vehicle. The individual may face second-degree murder charges because he acted with reckless disregard for the teen driver.

A knowledgeable Annapolis second-degree homicide attorney knows that this charge generally leaves a lot of room for interpretation. The details of the case may suggest that a less severe manslaughter charge is more appropriate. That is why I diligently review every detail of the case and advocate for charge reduction, when appropriate. If trial is the best course of action for you, I fight aggressively to protect you in the courtroom.

Ways to defend a second-degree homicide charge

A second-degree homicide conviction can result in a 30-year prison sentence. This is one of the most severe punishments you can face under Maryland law. A skilled Annapolis criminal defense lawyer may deploy numerous defenses to fight your second-degree homicide charge, including: 

  • Insanity. Under Maryland law, insanity may prove a viable defense if your attorney can successfully demonstrate that you did not understand the criminality of your actions or that you lacked the mental capacity to confirm to the law.
  • Self-defense. Your attorney may assert that you were protecting yourself from immediate harm when the killing occurred.
  • Lack of evidence. If the evidence tying you to the crime scene is weak or circumstantial, you better believe I point that out. The burden of proof is on the prosecutor, not on us, and I know how to build a case to show that the police are grasping at straws.

I understand that each case is unique. That is why I closely review the details of your case to help you develop a compelling defense. If your circumstances dictate that a plea is best for you, I’ll put my fierce negotiation skills to work on your behalf to have the charges lessened.

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